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Uwell Caliburn G3 vs G2 Review: How Does The Upgraded Pod Vape Perform?

The Uwell Caliburn series has earned its reputation as a reliable, flavorful vaping system. As a successor to the popular Caliburn G2, the newly released Caliburn G3 promises upgrades to take the vaping experience to the next level. But with the G2 being such a solid performer already, can the G3 deliver noticeable improvements? Let's find out.

An Overview of the Caliburn G3 Specs and Features

Sporting an aluminum chassis and 929mAh battery, the Caliburn G3 retains a similar slim and sleek profile as the G2. New additions include an OLED screen to display vital vaping statistics and utilizing USB-C charging to deliver faster charging speeds.

It comes bundled with two pod options:

  • 0.6Ω mesh pod rated for 20-25W

  • 0.9Ω pod rated for 15W

Adjustable power settings means you can fine-tune both pods to your preferred vaping style, be it a loose MTL inhale or a tighter restricted direct lung hit.

Flavour production and longevity will depend on factors like your juice PG/VG ratio and personal vaping habits, but early feedback on the new pods remain positive.

Hands-On Review Highlights

Having tested the Caliburn G3 daily for some weeks now, here are some personal experience highlights:

Superb Flavor
The flavor replication is clean, nuanced and spot-on. The 0.6Ω pod in particular fires incredibly dense, saturated vapor. Nicotine satisfaction is substantial as well.

Excellent Battery Life
I easily get through a full day (and then some) before needing a recharge. Notably, I tend to use lower power settings for the majority of my vaping sessions.

Smooth Performance Thanks to the quartz glass fiber integrated wicking system, dry hits are virtually non-existent. The automatic and manual draw activations are responsive as well.

Fuss-Free Handling and Maintenance
Pods click securely into place magnetically. They're conveniently transparent to reveal juice levels too. No e-liquid leakage even after careless handling and drops.

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Key Upgrades Over the Uwell Caliburn G2

Now moving onto how the Caliburn G3 fares compared to its predecessor, the G2:

Battery and Charging

The 929mAh capacity powers through hundreds of puffs in a single charge. The USB-C charging works quickly as well - a notable improvement over the slower charging time of the G2.

Flavor Production

With a bit of power adjustment tinkering, the flavors borne out of the G3 pods are a cut above the G2, especially when it comes to subtle flavor notes and grayscale undertones.


The G3 allows wattage adjustment to change up the draw intensity on the fly. The vape experience is also affected by pod orientation, providing options to experiment and find that personal sweet spot.

Possible Shortcomings To Note

  • Airflow is fixed - without a way to manually adjust aside from pod swapping

  • Pod coils are fused in and not meant to be replaceable when spent

  • Lacks the carefree appeal of an AIO (all-in-one) disposable pod vape

Caliburn G3 vs G2 - The Conclusion

When weighing the Caliburn G3's strengths against the G2, this upgraded model comes up tops. Yes there are compromises - adjustable airflow is restricted and it's less beginner-friendly. However, for intermediate vapers seeking improved flavor, bigger battery capacity and quicker charging from their pod device, the G3 hits those marks admirably.

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